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Domino Building Lego Machine
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Domino Building Lego Machine

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This guy made a cool machine out of nothing but legos that distributes dominoes in perfectly spaced rows.

Uploaded Jan. 5, 2010

By: cheatah55

Views: 283,724

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teej09 says:
 we've found ourselves the biggest nerd of 2010, already!!!!
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markookz says:
 the birth of sky net right there
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LooneyBAMA__2 says:
If it does not dispense beer or pictures of tittys then who the hell needs it
VIEW REPLIES Rate this comment: 18 1 Comment Rating: 17

0hLawdy says:
I thought only mexicans laid bricks
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Gezus666 says:
That was awesome, I wish we could see a longer version where it shows how to build the actual lego machine.
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