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Secret Knock Lock
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Secret Knock Lock

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This lock responds only to specific beats. When you lock yourself out, you're going to have to call Dr. Dre instead of a locksmith.

Uploaded Nov. 8, 2009

By: one_roadie


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Top Rated Comments
knee_strike says:
Very cool invention.
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jmurph420 says:
 now what happens when u come home shitfaced and u dont remember the knock? lmao
VIEW REPLIES Rate this comment: 11 4 Comment Rating: 7

saintnavajo says:
I'll take "Useless Items" for $200 Alex
VIEW REPLIES Rate this comment: 6 2 Comment Rating: 4

Doucheinator says:
 10 to 1 odds this motherfuker uses this technology to install motion activated shltter cameras in the ladies room of the local Wal-Mart.
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dirtylilmonkey says:
very cool, especially for the neighbors waiting to take his stuff when he leaves.
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