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Students Experiment Fails
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Students Experiment Fails

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Dutch students test out a decibelmeter by shooting carbide in their living room. The results of the experiment were highly underestimated.

Uploaded Feb. 24, 2010

By: DerRudi

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Prophessor_Snape says:
 Where did the TV go? You are telling me that the TV was incinerated but the glasses on the table didn't even move? A lot of FAKE videos depend upon actors. This one can empirically disproved and Break still posts it? Genius.
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Mikhail_Gorbachev says:
 TAGS include: decibelmeter, experiment, explosion, Fail, funny, students, and test. Might as well add FAKE to this one as well.
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nevmiles says:
fakest fireball ever . . .
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vthokie51289 says:
Did you see the dancing bear steal the T.V.?
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Samsquatch says:
 I thought he was trying to measure the decibles of his friend's fart. FAKE. Farts dont explode unless lit.
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