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Ultra Low Flyby
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Ultra Low Flyby

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Another fighter jet buzzes past a group of soldiers less than 20 feet off the ground.

Uploaded Feb. 23, 2010

By: biocrazy1

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steven__seagal says:
 He was in a bit of a hurry on his way to take his shirt off and play some beach volleyball.
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bitchcakes1 says:
 John Denver school of aviation
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useless_name says:
 It actually was a plane hauling Kevin Smith and that was as high as it could fly with him on board.
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Doochenoodle says:
 That stunt cost the taxpayers 60 million dollars.
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Artwork56 says:
 The hard-deck for this hop was 1200 feet. You knew it. You broke it. You followed Commander Heatherly below after he lost sight of you.... Why?
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