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A couple sits down and talks about who is on their Top 5 free pass cheat list. I only have four names on my list, might be a good time to update it. Who is on your list?

Uploaded Apr. 23, 2010

By: gofortwo

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This is a classic girlfriend trap... there is no right answer... no matter who you pick she will get mad at you. It's like the "does this make me look fat?" question... NEVER ANSWER, JUST RUN
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Gourry333 says:
 His gf is just a whore.
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danno13154 says:
 i would totally bang a snickers bar.
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Bubba_Rae says:
  They raised the minimum drinking age in West Virginia to 32. They says its to keep alcohol out of high schools.
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aazzhole says:
This is for fun? I'd like to bent your mother over and spank the shiit out of her! 
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